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Script& Production Services

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Be sure to contact me first, so we can discuss your needs and I can give you a relevant quote.  Content Creation, Production & Delivery...nothing to big or to small.  Short Film (under 20 minutes), Feature, Television, Corporate Videos & Web Content are my expertise. Below some of the script services outlined. Filming is best discussed via Skype.

Eyes on Script Read

Does the script work? Is it worth more time and effort? These are the questions I want to help you answer. How? By reading your script and providing basic feedback – which includes one page of invaluable notes.

Eyes on Script Time

How long is your Feature Film? Episode? Short Film? Only once we know this can we determine your budget and schedule – which should NEVER be under estimated. I will time your script and create a one-liner scene breakdown for your convenience.

Eyes on Script Breakdown

The purpose of a script breakdown is to inform all your departments of every detail in the entire script. After all; they rely on this information for their continuity and breakdowns. A Day Breakdown will provide invaluable when it comes to creating the flow of your story; in terms of time of day and over-all time. Is the story one season? Does it all pan out on the same day, or over several years? Are there any flashbacks? I’ll break down your script in detail; including locations, characters, costumes, make-up, props, and a day breakdown. When you choose me to work on your script, there’s no messing around.

Eyes on Script Budget

Now for the most important bit: How much will it cost to produce your film? This service is effective once you know the length of your film and how long it will take to shoot. Allow me to create a basic budget of the script that reflects your schedule.

Eyes on Script Subtitles

Congratulations! You got your film into a festival and now you need subtitles as one of your deliverables. The art of translations is NOT to be underestimated. I can translate your film AND create subtitles from German to English, or English to German.
 The fee in this regard depends on the length of the film and amount of dialogue in it.

Eyes on Script Schedule

How many days will it take to shoot your film? How many characters and locations are there? How reliant is your piece on stunts or VFX? All these elements combined will have an impact on both your schedule and budget. I’ll create a shooting schedule that reflects your script and budget, so you can focus on the things that matter.

Eyes on Script Analysis

Need a script editor? Someone to work on your plot, structure and tone? Does your dialogue need a little TLC? No problem. I can assess your script in detail; offering notes on all aspects of the script. This service might involve a professional scriptwriter working with you (AWG rates apply).

Due to my extensive industry experience, I have numerous contacts that I can bring on board for your needs; such as professional writers, directors, actors, casting agents, and producers. This is an exclusive service, and is only available following a personal discussion with the applicant who booked for some of my services before hand.

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