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“Katharina Keil is an outstanding script supervisor. She is a Script Expert through and through. I first worked with her almost twenty years ago on my film ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ and ever since have sort her out to work with me whenever possible. Kat’s attention to detail is exceptional. In pre production she thoroughly breaks down the script bringing to light all the essential minute details, and discovers those tiny anomalies, there is always some, that can have a huge impact on the story. She understands the needs of each department and maps out complicated sequences, intertwining timelines so crew members have all the information they need. Her vast experience gives her a sharp instinct for the rhythm and pace of a story which makes her script timings really accurate. On set, Kat is an invaluable back- up. She retains the action continuity of every moment and her eyelines are always right. She is a human security blanket, always reliable and supportive."

Kate Woods, Director (Looking for Alibrandi, Changi, The Farm, Wildside, Not without a Trace, Bones, Castle, Person of Interest, Revenge, NCIS: Los Angeles, House, Hawaii Five-O, Suits, Lie to Me, Crossing Jordan, Farscape and many more)

“I’ve met and worked with Katharina on the recent Goalpost/Foxtel production Fighting Season. I knew her reputation as was one of the best, and she proved that many times during the shoot. Fighting Season was a challenging production with scripts often changing and being rewritten last-minute, and without Katharina’s great story acuity, diligence, and persistence I would have been lost on many occasions. Apart from her great script skills she also has a warm engaging manner, which makes working with her a pleasure. I have no hesitation in recommending her and hope to work with her again in the future.

Blake Ayshford, Writer/Producer (Writer & Producer Fighting Season, Barracuda, Tomorrow When the War Began, Devil’s Playground)

“I’ve known Katharina for 20 years and when I need a script expert I call her. Whether it’s accurate script timings, thorough breakdowns or a keen eye for story structure and logic, Katharina is the script supervisor you want assessing your script. She’s friendly and hard-working to boot!”

Kerrie Mainwaring, Producer Head of Production scripted at Screentime (Producer of INXS - Don’t tear us apart, Peter Allen Not the Boy next Door, Brock and Underbelly Files: Chopper)

“I asked Katharina to read my pilot episode script and she did so in a couple of days. I think Katharina's in-depth knowledge of film and TV production is valuable to emerging screenwriters, I recorded her feedback for my podcast Two Words with Taku. Katharina is passionate about her work as shown by the detailed tips and advice she offered even after we stopped recording. I feel confident about implementing what she taught me and am excited about writing more scripts. I found Katharina easy to work with and she communicated well about her script consultancy processes from start to finish.”

Taku Mbudzi, Writer, Comedian, Podcaster 

“Thank you Katharina for taking the time to review my short films. Your advice on scriptwriting was insightful and I have returned to previous projects, rewritten segments and spent more time reviewing them in which I am satisfied with the result. The feedback you offered regarding story continuity, character development, production design and acting performances has been extremely helpful. I have applied the additional editing techniques you suggested and have been happy with the results. Thank you Katharina, it was a pleasure meeting and working with you.”

Evan Hughes, Writer/Director 

“Katharina Keil is a highly motivated producer and script mentor, she has helped me greatly in getting my project up and running. She has a strong passion for craft and is caring and genuine at the same time. Would highly recommend her to anyone serious about getting a film or tv script off the ground.”

Edwin Zigterman, Writer

“The first time I’ve worked with Katharina was on “Feeling Sexy” in 1998 and ever since then loved working with her. Her dedication to the craft and professionalism are exceptional. I always feel I'm in great hands with Katharina on the job as she has a great eye for detail and never misses a thing. For an actor it’s a great relief to know someone has your back in terms of continuity and script. Her sense of humour and fun on set make long days enjoyable and we have become friends over the years outside a film set. If you are looking for someone to assess your script in every detail, she is your go-to person, an expert in her field.”

Susie Porter, Actor

(Feeling Sexy, Two Hands, Idiot Box, The Secret Life of Us, Underbelly, Puberty Blues, Star Wars: Episode II, Little Fish, Love My Way, East West 101, Dance Academy, Seven Types of Ambiguity, Pulse and many more)

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